Hi there inquisitive business owner!

I love your form - popping over here to learn more about me and my business before you engage with my services. Because you're right, your business and who you choose to collaborate with is a big deal - it's important!

So, let me tell you a little about me. My name is Indee-Annah. I was born and raised here in Queensland. I am currently located on the beautiful Sunshine Coast with my little family.

I've always had a huge imagination but I didn't always consider myself the 'creative type'. Who was I kidding? I'm obsessed with design and it truly fills my heart with so much joy! 

I knew from a young age that this is what I wanted to do. I completed work experience during school in a design studio and that was when I fell head over heels (or hand over mouse) for the graphic design industry. 

Fast forward a few years I eagerly enrolled myself into studying commercial arts and all things graphic design. I worked in a design studio and a local newspaper (advertising) before welcoming my second mini-me into the world. 

I finally decided to launch into this crazy and exciting world of entrepreneurship so that I could help those in small business pursue the same dream - supporting their families and filling their hearts with pride for their work and contributions to the world. I wanted to work with business owners who were truly passionate about their success and wanting to have some fun along the way! 

So that's me, just a somewhat awkward and truly passionate designer who is thriving on creativity, ambition and maybe a little (or a lot) of caffeine.